Progress In Asset Recovery For Nguyen Van Duong Faces Difficulties

How is Nguyen Van Duong related to Phan Sao Nam’s case? Nguyen Van Duong is directly involved in the billion-dollar gambling case of Phan Sao Nam, a high-profile gambling case that has stirred public opinion in Vietnam in recent years. Nguyen Van Duong, in collaboration with Phan Sao Nam, headed the gambling operation through the Rikvip/ online gaming portal with a total value of billions of dong.

In this billion-dollar gambling operation, Nguyen Van Duong was identified as an accomplice of Phan Sao Nam. The two individuals conspired together with a contract that shared 20% of the profits with former police general Nguyen Thanh Hoa, who acted as their protector for their illegal activities.

According to information from the investigating authorities, this large-scale gambling operation had actually been operating since 2014, led by Nguyen Van Duong when he was the Chairman of the Board of Directors of CNC Technology and Investment Development Limited Company, specializing in high-tech security.

After a short period of operation, this operation expanded to 13 provinces and cities nationwide with 25 agents, and the servers were located in Hanoi. The billion-dollar gambling case of Phan Sao Nam and Nguyen Van Duong is considered a major gambling case that has caused a stir in Vietnam.

Information about the progress in asset recovery for Nguyen Van Duong During the investigation into this gambling operation, the police concluded that Nguyen Van Duong, the former Chairman of the Board of Directors of CNC Technology, was involved in money laundering and organizing illegal gambling. Nguyen Van Duong did not dispute this conclusion and admitted his charges. Moreover, the defendant also wanted to rectify the consequences of his wrongdoing.

Nguyen Van Duong requested the trial panel and relevant authorities to help him recover his assets and capital to mitigate the consequences. The total amount that Nguyen Van Duong is required to repay according to the indictment from the gambling operation is over 1,655 billion dong.

Nguyen Van Duong will have to enforce the judgment with a substantial amount of civil penalties. However, up to the current date, the enforcement authorities have only recovered 315 billion dong from Nguyen Van Duong. In addition to the civil enforcement, Nguyen Van Duong also faces over 10 years of imprisonment for his criminal activities.

Progress in asset recovery for Nguyen Van Duong faces many difficulties In a regular press conference held on July 19 by the Ministry of Justice, Mr. Nguyen Thang Loi, Deputy Director-General of the General Department of Civil Judgment Enforcement, stated that the authorities are currently enforcing the judgment against Phan Sao Nam

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