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News is a part of our daily lives. Every day new trends, headlines, accidents, or incidents go around the world, fairly making our lives either better or gloomy. We can exclaim that news and entertainment are a huge part of our lives, and we absolutely cannot go a day without them. Morning approached, and so you are getting ready for a better working day.  But before the morning starts, you need your daily dose of coffee and what happened yesterday in a newspaper. The OTT platform  aha  has it all for you. However, with the advancements of technology, in the current time, it is fair to digitalize our feed news online. Moreover, some of you may like newspapers some may like watching them for extra effects.

News and broadcasts

If you think about old times when we didn’t have so much of advancements in our lives. Hence, we usually had to get news about some things after a long time through telegram or letter. The feeling of fear almost vanishes because of this digital world of news and broadcasts on the internet.  Along with this, there are many advantages of having a news channel handy on an OTT platform.

News channels and broadcasts provide a powerful tool to verify the truth.

It gives you a personal connection to the people in Infos and stories through storytelling.

OTT platform news channels have access from wherever you want.

Telugu News channel

The south industry is expanding, and so is news media flourishing. Digitalization is the motto of today’s India. As you can evident, almost everything is on the internet now. If you want to watch a movie or show, everything is available on the internet, and so is the news. Yes, you heard it right you have access now. TV9 is the leading Telugu channel for news and info. The channel provides a clear picture of the scenario

aha, the best platform to watch Telugu news.

OTT platform aha now has TV9 for you to entertain yourself with the latest Telugu news and updates. On TV9, you can have an access to your favorite pieces of information and live updates on what is happening around you. You can watch  tv9 Telugu news live  on the OTT platform aha. The OTT platform has many other shows for your daily dose of entertainment.